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Aileen Lawlor

Aileen is a qualified Emotional Intelligence, EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360 Practitioner/ Assessor, Career and Executive Coach and Trainer. She has worked with a number of clients from different Industries and backgrounds and specialises in Career Coaching, Career Planning, Executive Coaching, Career Transition, Business Start-ups, Interview and C.V. Preparation. Sessions are tailored to your needs and are focussed towards getting effective results for you.

Aileen designs and develops In House Training & Coaching Programmes that are tailored around the needs of her clients.
Prior to establishing Your Next Steps Aileen worked for 15 years in the Service's Industry as a Senior Operations Manager with responsibility for Operations, Hr, Finance and Project Management. She has considerable experience working with clients in the Corporate, Commercial, Retail and Industrial sectors.

Relevant Qualifications Include.

Emotional Intelligence, EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360, NLP Business Institute
Advanced Diploma in Life & Executive Coaching & Mentoring, (IICM) LECI
Special Purpose Award in Training & Development, NCU College
Diploma in Business Finance, CMIT
Diploma in Employment Law, Open College
Certificate in Personnel Skills, CMIT
Train the Trainer, SII
Diploma in Management, NCI
Diploma in Business Studies, DBS

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Career Coaching
Career Coaching sets goals and builds a roadmap to your destination. It builds confidence and helps you to make informed decisions about the evolution of your career. Career Coaching will help you recognise your value as a professional and help you navigate through difficult career decisions.

  • Career Planning & Action
  • C.V. & Interview Preparation
  • Career Transition/Job Search
Emotional intelligence provides critical insights into the way we see ourselves, relate to others, make decisions and manage stress. It’s one of the single largest factors differentiating the best performers from the rest. Some businesses focus mainly on technical ability, while others realise the importance of motivation, empathy, and communication – and the problems their absence can cause. Emotional intelligence can be measured using Emotional Quotient (EQ) tests. These can help companies to evaluate job applicants during recruitment or, used internally, can be used to encourage personnel and help them to progress.
Executive/ Business Coaching helps to create self-awareness and confidence and to empower beliefs. It also improves leadership skills and gives clear direction and purpose. Leadership Coaching session Leadership Self Marketing session, this includes C.V Review/Job Search Techniques/ Interview Preparation/ LinkedIn Development. Executive/ Business Coaching helps to create self-awareness and confidence and to empower beliefs. It also improves leadership skills and gives clear direction and purpose.
Job Search
Learn how to focus on jobs you want. Let our team help you make an outstanding first impression.
Emailing is becoming steadily more critical to successful job search both on and offline and in order to help your profile & you ensure you have something captivating.
Online Search
With the development of the Internet, using the Web is critical for the e-world. Our experts can help you manage your online job search strategy.
Skype sessions available on request.

In House Training

Training has many benefits for your staff they acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business, employee retention, motivation and building their self-esteem. All courses sre tailored to your specific requirements, book now or call to discuss.
• Communication Skills • Supervisory Skills • Developing Emotional Intelligence • Leadership & Management Self Development • Conflict Management • Presentation Skills • Workplace Coaching


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